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On this home page, I'll introduce the summary of  gemstone therapy.

Fundamentals of Gemstone and Color Therapy- A view

A red and warm light is obtained from the Sun while  the astrological Moon planet emits the white and cool light. Similarly, other astrological planets as the Jupiter, the Mercury, the Venus, the Saturn and the Mars emit their self color rays in the order of yellow, green, mixed, blue and orange. These are energetic planets giving energy in the form of colors that spread over the entire solar plane. Their light rays make the formation of white light which we see. Their ability in influencing the human chemistry appears through the existence of seven Centers/Chakras in the body. These centers are interrelated via a centre known as the center of the Saturn planet. Centers are linked with fingers and other parts of the body acting as the receiver of the color rays. When these are internally balanced, a human being can have good health.

Any deficiency or excess of color energy on the centers would cause disorders. These centers are enhanced through gemstone/ stone radiation light capable of providing the desired color energy to the specific centers. The gemstone or color stone light or both produces a high energy level and thus accelerates the healing processes.


The new view

Its an unique theory which will give you enough materials to rethink about the perfect harmonial coordination

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