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Gemstone Therapy as a Reliever
The modern ways of living themelves are very taxing on our bodies and also decrease human potential. Modern medicine usually has temporary relief and its long term effects has its own adverse effects.
Gemstone and color light from stone based on the inactive tendencies of various colors can prove to be as a God gifted if applied with strong belief and consistency. We do not do any miracles but do promise a step forward in bringing relief to mankind.
Free of side effects stone therapy and color light from stone can revolutionize assisttance of many diseases if followed to in conjunction with modern medical science.
The Family of New Horizon Stone Therapy

Dr. Gunjan Jain

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She did MBBS in Jan.'2002 and got registered  with General Medical Council, UK ,Jan 2006: MRCPCH Part II She is associated with AMDA International Medical Information Centre, Osaka, Japan and MEDINT, Japan. where she is  involved in assisting the Lectures delivered in English and presence at lecture meetings in order to conduct role plays for participant trainees and explaining to them details of medical terminology.
She worked as a Pediatrician in several prestigious hospitals in India and UK, gaining hands on experience and expertise. Have also had first hand experience in research as a Research Student in the  Department of Pediatrics at the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine. She is professional member of Medical Council of India.

She has been participating in the development work of gemstone therapy/stone color therapy since 2001 from medical point of view. She believes the color energy is an integral part of human chemistry.







Vanya Jain Mittal, M.Sc.,Ph.D., B.Ed.


Formerly she was a teacher in Chemistry. She has started learning Gemstone therapy/Stone light therapy under the guidance of Mr. V.K.Jain  since 2004. Now she has enjoyed adding the healing Arts to her life’s work style. She is assisting this center for adding new ideas in the area. She believes that anything can be healed as the human body responds to color energy. She also looks after own clinic for acne/pimples, facial aging and chronic pains at Aligarh, India..