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This website is dedicated in the loving and lasting memory of my mother Smt. Swarn Lata Jain, my father, Dr. K. D. Jain, an eminent professor of chemistry, my sister Dr. Renu Jain and my brother in-law Er. S. C. Jain, who, for every moment, were a great source of encouragement. It is by their inspiration that I could tred the path of natural laws of science and the hormonal system explanations given by the Omniscient Lords in their divine voice. Besides this my friends and relatives have wished that I open the avenues of the ancient themes to the present science and the world. Thanks are due to them for their wishful thinking and encouragement. I also thank Mr. Vatsal Jain and Mr. Sandeep Mittal computer engineers, who helped me built this website. In the first read, the features presented here may appear fanatic and mysterious to the unknowing mind, but if understood and analyzed by deep thinking, the eternal truth would be accepted by one and all. I wish the readers peace and happiness in their lives.

Basic Principle of Science of Religion